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Background screening is an essential component to reducing your business risk.  When you need screening services that go beyond the typical criminal search, turn to your local screening specialist, RBA Screening.  We have all the necessary products, over 25 years of screening experience, and we care about your company.

Why Full Service

Two realities exist that have a company looking for a Full Service Screening vendor.

F irst are the needs of the organization. For many companies, their background screening requirements are such that they cannot accomplish the task without the help of a screening professional.  Maybe they are hiring for executive positions that require unique documents, or they might need an integration with an existing internal system. They need assistance.

S econdly, the background checking industry is constantly changing as new laws pertaining to hiring come onto the books, and others are removed. This constant flux can be a legal trap for companies who are not current with hiring law. A good screening partner is needed. Choosing the right screening partner is crucial to smooth out the hiring process and remove the legal risk. And what seperates a great screening company from all the others is the experience of their staff.

25 Years Experience

RBA Staffing has been servicing the background screening needs of companies for over 25 years.

100k Reports/Year

RBA Staffing processes 100,000 background checking reports annually for over 500 clients. Put this knowledge to work for you.

Settle for more

Let our highly experienced staff design a custom screening package that meets your specific needs.


Let our highly trained and experienced staff work with you to understand your needs.


We will analyze your requirements and design a unique screening package that is like no other in the industry.


Once we understand your particular needs, we will develop a roadmap for your organization to provide the needed screening services – no matter what position you are trying to fill.

We'll take your Business to the nExt Level

Your company will only be as good as the people that make it up. Let RBA Staffing help you source and hire the most qualified and talented candidates possible.

our services

Various industries will have different requirements for what type of documents are included in a background screening. RBA Staffing offers these industry packages based on our years of experience, but we can also build you a Custom Package!


Designed to help manufacturing clients find the best talent, our searches include social security number, 7-year county criminal, Department of Corrections, local and national sex offender registries.


Aimed at the medical/health care industry we search social security number, 7-year county criminal, employment and academic verifications, professional references, Federal OIG Exclusions list, NY State OMIG, OIG, GSA and FDA excluded parties search.


To ensure the utmost safety for both the faculty and staff, our searches include social security number, Department of Corrections, local and national sex offender registries, New York statewide criminal, and the department of motor vehicles.


Religious organizations need to trust the people who work for and with them.  These screenings include searches of the social security number, Department of Corrections, and the local and national sex offender registries.

custom packages

We realize that no two companies are actually alike, therefore any of the packages mentioned here can also be customized to suit your particular needs.  Just let us know what you are trying to accomplish, and we will design a package that meets your needs.


Our use of technology is different than most background screening firms.  It is normal in this industry for many companies to be using the same technology.  But at RBA Staffing we have custom-built our technology to meet the needs of our clients.

Enhanced Services

Academic Verifications

Studies continue to show an increase in the number of discrepancies between what is shown on education records and the information provided by the applicant. Let RBA Staffing give you the peace of mind in researching an applicant’s degree, major field of study, and date of graduation to ensure the information they have provided is correct.

Professional References

When a hiring manager narrows down the few selected potential candidates that are in the running, a professional reference may be the determining factor of who gets selected. Our Professional Reference is an in-depth interview with approximately 20 questions covering job performance which will help you determine who is the right candidate.

Employment Verification

Reports the dates a candidate worked at a company, the position, basic job performance, and ask whether the candidate is eligible for rehire.

Exit Interviews

Exit interviews can be a proactive tool that can help you gather feedback about the perception of the employment conditions within your organization, with the goal to support your organization’s continued growth and success

Compare Our Packages

What Makes Up the Various Packages

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RBA Staffing can work with you to create a customized background screening package for your needs. For a full list of our services, click the link below.

Full List of Services

You Need More than a Database Search

Insider crimes like embezzlement and data theft are some of the biggest risks today’s companies face. Simple database searches are not enough to reduce your exposure. Only a full service background checking company, like RBA Staffing, can significantly reduce your risk from these threats.


Employers found misrepresentation on job applications


Of database searches have errors

Our Specialties

  • Criminal Backgrounds
  • Employment Verifications
  • Reference Checking

Hiring mistakes are some of the most expensive mistakes a company can make.  But high quality hires require a comprehensive background check to be preformed by skilled professionals.  RBA Staffing has over 25 years of experience in the difficult background checking areas of criminal investigations, employment and reference checking.  Don’t take the word of a computer, enlist the help of RBA Staffing today.

The Numbers

“It is foolish to try to imitate the skills of others.” -Aesop

Years Screening Experience

Years Staffing Experience

Yearly Screening Checks

Screening Customers


Why Not Just Use an Instant Search Product?
For many companies, their background screening requirements are such that they need to enlist the help of a consumer reporting agency. Maybe they are hiring for a position that demands a much greater depth of search than normal, or maybe their rules necessitate the use of unique documents, or they have specific software integration needs.  Situations such as these cannot be satisfied with an instant database product.
This sounds like it could be expensive.
Expensive?  It is more expensive than an instant search, but how costly is a hiring mistake?  For many companies, a hiring mistake is one of the most costly mistakes they can make.  The final price of a report will depend on the level of comprehensiveness required.  There just is no down-and-dirty alternative to quality.
What Types of Businesses Do you Work With?
RBA Staffing is a unit of Rochester Chamber and as such, we work with all types of businesses.  Our Executive Screening products are more often used by mid-size to large organizations who need the greater depth of search.  For many small to mid-sized companies, our Instant products are a better match.
Are you compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)?
The FCRA is the governing document of the consumer reporting industry and defines the rules by which all screening companies must abide. Rest assured, that RBA Staffing fully complies with the FCRA.
What is your relationship with Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce?
RBA Staffing is a unit of Rochester Chamber and we began our staffing business over 35 years ago, and 25 years ago established this background screening unit.

Having been in the screening business for over 25 years, we have been asked a lot of questions, and this page is our attempt to list the ones we have been asked the most often. If you have some open questions, take a look at our selection and see if we have answered it already.  If not, feel free to click the button below and send us a private email.  We are here to help you succeed and love to hear from you.

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